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What You Get

No matter how serious you are about learning pole and aerial, Swansea Pole and Aerial Academy want you to enjoy yourself.

We offer a fun, sociable environment where you can learn to express yourself with grace and skill.

It’s remarkable how many students find themselves empowered and see their confidence improve as they master the skills needed.

Our classes are suitable for all shapes and sizes and you wont feel intimidated in the same way as you might if you went into a gym for the first time.



Beginners Introduction to Pole Classes

We run a beginner’s 6-week introduction to Pole course every six weeks.

These classes are for anyone starting to learn pole or aerial. No experience is required. All you need to do is turn up and have the courage to “have a go.”

Exactly what you do depends on what you have done in the past, but after a few weeks, you will start to learn more complex tricks and transitions as your strength progresses, and you will begin to feel and see the difference that pole makes.

We also use this class to assess anyone who has done pole elsewhere so we can suggest which of our levels would suit them in the future.

As with all our classes, you must be 18 or over to take part.

From £10 per class

Introductory Course – £60 for the 6 week course (saves £6 on individual classes)

“Life looks better upside down!”

Intermediate Pole Classes

Get confident and strong in lots of inverts, practice stunning combos, build strength, increase fitness and endurance! Enjoy building on the moves you’ve learnt in beginners with the freedom to take them further.

You will only be allowed to book this session once you have been signed off by one of the lead instructors and you have shown that you are competent in performing certain moves safely with control and precision.

From £10 per class

5 class Pack £50.00 – 8 class pack £80 – 10 class Pack £100.00

“I believe in myself, my journey is my own, I am free to be me!”

Advanced Pole Classes

Advanced pole requires more strength, control, endurance and flexibility to be able to execute more extreme pole dance tricks and moves. In these classes you will gain the knowledge and strength to move from one trick to another with the end goal to make it look effortless and elegant. You will only be able to book this class once you have been signed off by a lead instructor at intermediate level.

from £10 per class

class Pack £50 – 8 class pack £80 – 10 class Pack £100.00


This class is all about letting out your sexy side!

It changes regularly, it can be pole based, floor work or even chair! These are fun and a great way to allow yourself to be free to express yourself! Heels are permitted, but please check with your instructor on the day. Knee pads are recommended for any sass class!

From £10 per class

5 class Pack £50.00 8 class Pack £80 – 10 class Pack £90.00

one to one

one to one coaching

Whatever stage of pole/aerial you are at, you can benefit from our hour long one to one sessions. By having an instructor focus just on you and your pole/aerial journey, we will pick up areas you struggle with and help you to improve them.

We’ll also find out where you excel and look at working on moves and combos that involve these. It’s super satisfying working on areas you’re great at because you see just how far you’ve already come (many people are surprised just how strong they are!), and also amazing helping you to work on difficult areas so that you overcome them and get even more out of your group classes as a result.

If you want to compete or put together your own routines, one to one sessions are a great place to explore your creativity and personal goals. If you are already a member you’ll also benefit from exclusive discounts on one to one pole lessons!


Don’t forget you can also have sessions in groups of two, or three- these mean you get more attention and focus on your personal pole/aerial but it costs less per session per person. If you meet someone in class that you get along with, why not suggest a few lessons together?

From £60 |hr (2 people)

From £75 |hr (3 people)

Pole for Fun

Parties and Events

Do you have a special event or party you would like to host, but don’t know what to do. Pole can be fun. One of our Pole Parties could be the perfect thing for you.

This could also be the perfect time to book your Christmas party and really let your hair down.

We cater for anyone wanting serious team building too.

To learn about the types of activity available, just follow the link…. We love to have fun too!

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