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Certified Trainers

Our pole and aerial classes are run by fully qualified, highly skilled and certified trainers.

We will be offering approved courses to give you the best foundation and techniques for safe, effective and fun Pole Fitness training.

Classes for all

From beginner to advanced, we offer training for all levels of skill.

From taster courses, through fitness training and on to intermediate and advanced pole and aerial classes, there is something fun for everyone.

Get Fit Get strong

Surprise yourself and discover how strong and fit you actually are!

No more running on treadmills, or lumping heavy weights, it’s a great way to get fit and actually enjoy yourself in the company of others.

We promise you will even find out what core strength actually is

Let’s GO

Have fun as you enhance your strength and grace.

Real Work. Real Results.

Our classes and teaching



Beginner's pole classes


Intermediate pole classes


Advanced pole classes


SASS sessions


One to one training

what They’re Saying


I love to dance and the fitness aspect of it makes me feel happy inside. I also have made amazing friends from lots of studios due to pole. But mostly I come to pole because of its open and welcoming attitude it has to everyone

It’s a different way to keep fit that’s not a gym and it allows me to combine my love for dance and gymnastics as well as perform.

Friendly atmosphere — we can have a laugh as well as work out. One-to-ones are really good too. Anytime I’ve had one it’s been a good opportunity to do some focused work on correcting little issues, or habits, that can make a difference to my practice

1 TO 1

Private Tuition With Alan

With private pole dance lessons you can have a more customised lesson, working on what YOU want to work on.

-We offer one-to one tuition, but if you have others who want to share the time with you, then we also provide two to one or three to one sessions.

Your chance to work on what YOU want to work on with personalised training programmes to help you reach your goals – complete with help, support and routine-buiilding.

Real Work.
Real Results.

Why Training

Popular Programs

We have lots of supporting programmes and classes to help you with strength, fitness and flexibility.


Make yourself fitter simply from working on the pole


Discover new flexibility, you never knew you had


Get stronger as you progress

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...and enjoy this wonderful activity